National Center for the Blind, Thailand Association of the Blind


National Center for the Blind has been established since 2nd April 2003 under Thailand Association of the Blind, with the roles of holding training skills for daily life, assisting and habilitating the blind, arranging career training courses, improving professional standards for the blind, finding jobs for the blind, conducting research and development projects of bodies of knowledge concerning the blind and providing massage services from the blind. It is an agency that provides knowledge and facilitates the operations of organizations in the network and other organizations that concern the blind in terms of establishing massage schools and institutes, and service centers for disabled people in general.

Products and Services Available

  • Foot Reflexology: 300 Baht per Hour
  • Massage on Neck and Shoulders: 200 Baht per Hour
  • Liquid Camphor Inhaler: 55 Baht per Bottle
  • Green Herbal Oil: 80 Baht per Bottle
  • Green Herbal Balm: 90 Baht per Bottle