Workshop on Access to Resources

‘Access to Resources’ is a highly important issue for blind and visually impaired people, particularly in our world of information and technology. WBUAP-MRGA 2023 is honored having Miss Miyo Ito from AAR Japan, who can come and facilitate us the workshop on access to resources. Here is a brief information about Miss Miyo Ito.

Miyo ITO
Certified Fundraiser, CSR Expert
Public Relations, Corporate Relations, Charity Goods,
Association for Aid and Relief, Japan (AAR Japan)

She has been working with AAR Japan for the past 27 years since 1996, the longest among current staff members.

During her quarter-of-a-century career at AAR, she was mainly involved in the public relations and supporter service. She was engaged in numerous projects and events, including charity concerts and seminars, fundraising campaigns, etc. She has also always been our source of ideas for an array of charity goods, the most notable among which is the bestselling picture book “Not Mines, But Flowers”. She, being a passionate and amicable person, has successfully established firm relationships with our supporter individuals and corporate partners. Her sense of devotion to the NGO work has moved the hearts of many donors and resulted in a wide variety of partnership and continuous support to AAR’s activities.