the exhibition from PAKJITPAKJAI

PAKJITPAKJAI The spirit of giving should always remain no matter what time of year, so why not support those who work hard to support themselves? This wonderful line of handicraft is made by blind men and women who refuse to allow their handicap to restrict their creativity.

Supported by the Thailand Association of the Blind, the products are adorned with the Japanese sashiko pattern or the Thai don method which is running seams by hand.

“Pakjitpakjai” was established in June 2018 in Chiang Mai Thailand, by the Thailand Association of the Blind.

Aiming to create job opportunities for sight-impaired people relying on their sense of touch. Inventing pieces of artwork without relying on sight through a workshop on Japa- nese embroidery called “Sashiko”.

Creativity is embedded within. Each stitch empowers sight-impaired artists on a path of independent living and community heart to heart.