The exhibition from Nippon Telesoft Co.Ltd.

I’m really delighted to welcome ‘Nippon Telesoft Co.Ltd.’, a company from Japan to WBUAP MRGA 2023. Here is a brief introduction of the company.

We, Nippon Telesoft Co., Ltd. are developing and selling the line of products employing the latest technologies, besides developing computer software In particular, The Braille Printers that support Visually Challenged People have many unique characteristics and we are proud of their best quality functions in the world. Our Braille Printers operate extremely quietly when printing and also have the remarkable function that print Braille and Ink characters simultaneously. Taking full advantage of this function, they are widely used in the schools and public organizations. Today, its use has been spread out abroad such as in the United States.

As the relational products, we have Braille Pin Display, Braille Reader and so on, by having been evaluated their excellent technology, we are awarded The New Technological Prize for the Smaller Enterprises, furthermore, we are The Authorized Enterprise by the Japanese Governmental Organization that support and raise the enterprises.

In addition, using the Japanese government’s ODA project to support developing countries, we provide Braille printers, Braille displays, etc. In Vietnam, we have built classrooms fully equipped with equipment for ICT education. We support the education and employment of Blind people using equipment with the latest software. The attached photo is of an ICT classroom in Vietnam.

Blind associations interested in this subsidy are welcome to contact us. We will hand over the necessary materials.

Any inquiries and comments are most welcome at any time.

Braille computer Seika Studio
The Seika Studio is a portable Braille computer, 40 cells Braille display and corresponding routing keys, with the QWERTY keyboard and function keys, integrate a powerful internal computer based on 11th Intel Core i3 CPU, 16GB (up to 64GB) DDR4 RAM, and 1TB or 2TB NVMe M.2 SSD storage. The Seika Studio replaces the Braille Notetaker and laptop PC when using at school, work, and home. The very fast wireless internet connection makes a good user experience for the online meeting thanks to the Seika Studio’s WiFi 6 technology. The Seika Studio supports Windows 10/11 OS and install any software the same as laptop/desktop PC does. The Seika Studio can work in Braille display mode connecting with other PC/Mac/iPhone/iPad/android/tablet by using USB cable and Bluetooth.

Braille Note taker Seika Mini Plus
The Seika mini 16Plus is a lightweight portable Braille Notetaker for daily use, for example give a lecture, study at school and take notes, listen music. The build-in high voice quality TTS (Text-To-Speech) for listening the text contents and operation prompt. The Seika mini 16Plus supports standalone mode and Braille display mode. The standalone mode has build-in applications: Notepad, Reader, Web Browser, Email, Media Player, Contacts, Clock, Calendar, etc. The Seika mini 16Plus can work in Braille display mode connecting with other PC/Mac/iPhone/iPad/android/tablet by using USB cable and Bluetooth.

Aside from these, we would like to introduce you a newly release of our product. That is ‘Seika Mini Plus –Portable note-taker’. For further information click here to download: