The exhibition from VI Horizon

I have my personal trip to visit Hong Kong during the first week of November. I’m so delighted to hear that ‘VI Horizon’, a company located in Hong Kong will do an exhibition in our WBUAP MRGA 2023. I promise that I’ll stop by their company and explore what they have and what will they bring to our event. For the persons who are new to ‘VI Horizon’, please read the following statement from their company.

VI Horizon is an assistive equipment supplier founded and operated by visually impaired individuals. We specialize in providing various advanced and suitable assistive devices and tools, professional instrument usage guidance, advice, sales, maintenance, and training services for the visually impaired.

Our mission is to actively improve the quality of life for the blind and low-vision, overcome learning difficulties, and enhance Career Opportunities, ultimately helping them integrate into society.

Our clients include special schools, social service organizations, elderly service centers, construction companies, consulting firms, government departments, mainstream primary and secondary schools, universities, employers and visually impaired individuals.

Due to the lack of Cantonese talking products in the market, visually impaired individuals whose native language is Cantonese face a lot of inconvenience, particularly in Hong Kong and Macau. Recognizing this issue, we collaborate with major manufacturers to develop Cantonese talking products

such as timepieces, color detector, label wand, themometers, calculators and so on. We continue to expand our product range to enhance the quality of life and employment opportunities for the visually impaired in Hong Kong and Macau.

Additionally, we research, develop and sell products suitable for deaf-blind people, such as vibrating water level detectors, vibrating time-telling keychains and more. Although they belong to a small and often overlooked group, we believe that these tools enable them to independently solve the challenges they face in daily life.

As one of the social enterprises in Hong Kong, we will continue to strive for development and contribute to the integration of vulnerable communities into society, as well as raise public awareness and understanding of People with Visual Impairment.

Exhibited products
–multi-language products
1. clocks
2. time-telling keychains
3. radio alarm clocks
4. timers
5. watches
6. calculators
–cantonese talking products
7. talking label wand
8. water level detectors