The Exhibition from The Foundation for the Blind in Thailand under the Royal Patronage of H.M. the Queenn

Started by Miss Genevieve Caulfield, an American blind lady dedicated to helping others with blindness in Thailand, The Foundation established in 1939, is the first ever organization in Thailand and in Southeast Asia Region served to support people with disabilities, with the vision of becoming the leader in restoring, encouraging, and developing the potential of the blind in Thailand to live equally among others with pride and dignity.

At present, The Foundation have operated work through five centers: First, The Bangkok School for the Blind, offers education based on standard curriculum from Ministry of Education, and focuses to build academics, music, sports, technology, and life skills among children with visual impairment. Second, The Educational Technology for the Blind Center, creates learning tools to increase learning accessibility for the blind, such as Braille books, audiobooks, electronic textbooks, tactile text, and etc. The three remaining centers include The Skills Development Center for the Blind, The Vocational Training Center for Blind Women in Sampran, and The Lighthouse Center for the Blind, where mainly provides vocational training programs to build professional skill like massage, handicrafts, and wooden products.

In our exhibition, audiences will see the overview mission of the Foundation and implementations of each centers under responsed through video presentation in terms of how to build an opportunity and capability of blind people in education, occupation, and independent Living skill. Audiences will see the technology applied to create learning media to strengthening academic and vocational skill among people with visual impairment under responsed by the foundation like tactile and audio media, adaptive and assistive technology devices, as well as service provided to blind people nationwide. Also audience could view and purchase high quality wooden made and handicraft products (beads, weaving, crochet, knitting) made by blind people such as tissue box, Keychain, Mobile phone case, Replica Wooden bench, Mat, Bracelet and etc.